Hamilton Villa


Property Description :

Large and airy old style bahamian house on beautiful private area of eleuthera. Just steps away from a sugar soft neverending beach. Three of the four bedrooms have a private patio. Use of club house at certain times of the year. Fully equipped kitchen including dishwasher and microwave.Daily cleaning service.
Pets : No
Garden : Small
Pool : Yes

Area Description :

Eleuthera, with a population 10 500 is in fact a chain of 3 islands – eleuthera island, spanish wells and harbour island. Eleuthera island was the first permanent settlement in the bahamas, founded more than 300 years ago by english adventurers fleeing persecution in bermuda and england in search of religious freedom they named it eleuthera, the greek word for freedom. Eleuthera island is an island of white and pale pink sand beaches framed by casuarinas trees, high rolling green hills, sea-to-sea views, dramatic cliffs, and sheltered coves. More than 160 kilometres long but merely 3 kilometres wide, you are never far from the beach on this island. Gregory town is the pineapple capital of eleuthera and a bit farther south is surfers beach, one of the best surfing spots in the bahamas. Governor's harbour, the most well-known of the settlements is a small, quiet town with a collection of distinctive colonial homes often listed in the national register of historical properties. It has small restaurants and shops, quaint churches and colourful bahamian buildings and is within walking distance to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A short water taxi ride from the northern part of eleuthera island is harbour island (or briland, as it’s known to residents). Harbour island is only 4,8 kilometres long and less than a kilometre wide and famous for its warm, pink-hued sand beach and quaint loyalist architecture with rows of century-old trees bordering narrow flower-lined streets. Another short water taxi ride away is spanish wells, a quiet sleepy little island of fisherman and charming colourful cottages.